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Symbian S60V5 Hebrew localization files


Hi All

I have made a full Hebrew localization of the S60V5 ROM files.
Directory structure is ready for use just un-rar the file aand compile the ROM.


Is this for 5800 bro?
Can i ask a question, do you know how to remove apps like boingo,vlingo,joikuspot etc.?
I saw this procedure on another website but didn't fully understand the direction. When i tried the procedure,after flashing and starting phone, my N97 Homescreen  was there ...temporarily, but when i clicked on Menu and press exit again, Homescreen  (icons) disappeared and only clock was left.

The procedure of adding language in my site contain a section for Nokia users and a second section for samsung users. The files I posted are for Nokia.

As for your question. it is a bit tricky I must say. I take it that you are reffering to applications installed on your Z drive.
There are two ways to remove an application:
1. remove the application from the source code and recompile the source - No really an option for most users!
2. download the ROFS , exctract them to a temp place, and them simply run a windows search and look for the related files to the application name. After you remove the application you need to repack the ROFS and flash your device.You can use the search in my site as well to locate all the files that contain the application. You will also need to edit the appshelldata.xml file and remove any entries in it.

As a whole, it's not really an exact science but If you need my help I'll be glad to give it.


First of all many thanks for your help and support. Your site is great really.
Regarding the above subject on this link
There is a missing point regarding T9 localized language support which is number 11 ( incomplete) + 12 is not there at all.
In your explanation we agreed that
- blue file is the file I'm going to take my language from by doing the steps you explained
- the red file is the file I'm going to replace the chosen language with any language I choose from the red one to be replaced.
- both procedure of block marking should be applied to both files ( look for the language- block mark then look for avkon - block mark and get the red block in both files)
- replace the chosen lang by clipboard to the taken one ( taking care of not moving the cursor).
- the thing I don't understand here is this points 16 + 17 ( because if I follow this I only got five characters to delete or replace so I'm sure there is stg missing here)
Please do explain points from 11 to 17 with some details.
Many thanks for your efforts and best regards

Hi Fares

First of all, let me apologize for the very late reply. Been abroad on a business trip so I didn't have the time to handle my Forum/Site in the past 10 days or so.

As for your remarks, they are very appreciated remarks and I will revise my guide and make some changes to it tomorrow morning my time.

I'll be more than happy to assist in any way I can and I am really glad that my site is of any help to you people.

Stay tuned:)



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