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Author Topic: Symbian S60V5 Hebrew localization files  (Read 1199 times)


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Re: Symbian S60V5 Hebrew localization files
« on: May 02, 2010, 09:16:21 am »
The procedure of adding language in my site contain a section for Nokia users and a second section for samsung users. The files I posted are for Nokia.

As for your question. it is a bit tricky I must say. I take it that you are reffering to applications installed on your Z drive.
There are two ways to remove an application:
1. remove the application from the source code and recompile the source - No really an option for most users!
2. download the ROFS , exctract them to a temp place, and them simply run a windows search and look for the related files to the application name. After you remove the application you need to repack the ROFS and flash your device.You can use the search in my site as well to locate all the files that contain the application. You will also need to edit the appshelldata.xml file and remove any entries in it.

As a whole, it's not really an exact science but If you need my help I'll be glad to give it.

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