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Symbian Q&A's / [BUG] 5800-C6 Message Delivery Report
« on: January 25, 2011, 03:35:57 am »
Hi guys

Every time I send a text message I receive a delivery report, and after that the middle key of my C6-5800 start to blink as if there's any event on the phone (like a new text message, missed call,...), and there's nothing.......the just just blink because of a delivery report....

And that's very annoying....

How can I fix this?

I found that if I disable the notify for "New message", this don't happen....I guess the phone is assuming a Delivery Report as a New Message.....
And every time I receive a Delivery Report my Inbox folder for just a second have that (*), like when I receive a new message....I have hard reset my phone and the problem is still here....

What can I do mates?

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